It is very common to use Topology Optimization tools to design lightweight geometries and produce them by Additive Manufacturing. Since the part's price is majorly determined by the used volume and needed support structure, the lightweight design also effects the production costs. Unfortunately, the known standard plug-ins of common CAD and FEA programs cannot fully integrate these restrictions, which means the designer cannot simply rely on the output of the topology optimization itself. Due to that, the redesign of the usally edgy and rough output shape needs to be performed with a general understanding of the production technology. Especially metal 3D printing requires significant knowledge for a proper AM design.

Despite these obstacles, once the restictions are eliminated by a proper use of this unique freedom of design, the financial benefit of Additive Manufacturing can be significant. Important note: it is inevitable to use the total cost of ownership (TCO) for comparision of the prices.

At AdditiveService you can request to check whether it is possible to lower the price of your part, at same or even better performances by a redesign. Since it is usually unkown upfront, whether there is an economical benefit or not, the potential check is free of charge at AdditiveService.

Example Project

Redesign of a mould for an italian jewellery manufacturer with focus on volume and price reduction

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